Analyze Tracks Algorithm

class uuid_factory_uuid : public kwiver::vital::algo::uuid_factory

Public Functions

virtual void set_configuration(vital::config_block_sptr config)

Set this algorithm’s properties via a config block

This method is called to pass a configuration to the algorithm. The implementation of this method should be light-weight and only save the necessary config values. Defer any substantial processing in another method.

  • no_such_configuration_value_exception – Thrown if an expected configuration value is not present.

  • algorithm_configuration_exception – Thrown when the algorithm is given an invalid config_block or is otherwise unable to configure itself.


config – The config_block instance containing the configuration parameters for this algorithm

virtual bool check_configuration(vital::config_block_sptr config) const

Check that the algorithm’s configuration config_block is valid

This checks solely within the provided config_block and not against the current state of the instance. This isn’t static for inheritance reasons.


config – The config block to check configuration of.


true if the configuration check passed and false if it didn’t.

class priv