Burnout Track Descriptors Algorithm

class burnout_track_descriptors : public kwiver::vital::algo::compute_track_descriptors


Public Functions

virtual bool check_configuration(vital::config_block_sptr config) const override

Check that the algorithm’s configuration config_block is valid

This checks solely within the provided config_block and not against the current state of the instance. This isn’t static for inheritance reasons.


config – The config block to check configuration of.


true if the configuration check passed and false if it didn’t.

virtual kwiver::vital::track_descriptor_set_sptr compute(kwiver::vital::timestamp ts, kwiver::vital::image_container_sptr image_data, kwiver::vital::object_track_set_sptr tracks) override

Compute track descriptors given an image and tracks

  • ts – timestamp for the current frame

  • image_data – contains the image data to process

  • tracks – the tracks to extract descriptors around


a set of track descriptors

virtual kwiver::vital::track_descriptor_set_sptr flush() override

Flush any remaining in-progress descriptors

This is typically called at the end of a video, in case any temporal descriptors and currently in progress and still need to be output.


a set of track descriptors

class priv